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03-16-2010, 01:58 AM
Originally Posted by Kyronea View Post
I'm running the latest drivers for it, but...should I try putting in my old 7900 GT instead? I used that one for a long time and I updated to this one because I was under the impression that it was a much better card, and I had mostly run out of my updating budget by that point after the processor, motherboard, and RAM.
yea i would put the 7900GT back in. based on all the performance benchmarks i could find your 7900GT is probably a faster card. i checked it vs the 8600GT and 9500GT, both of which are based on roughly identical specs, and they both come in at twice the specs of a 9400GT in raw compute power. the 7900GT is within the range of the 9500GT in performance. if you want a cheap card right now you can find 9800GTs, which would have 112SP to your 9400GTs 16SP (SP stands for spream processors). you could probably sell your 9400GT for like $30-40 on craigslist and then get a 9800GT for $89.99 on newegg . the 9800GT would be a whole order of magnitude faster, and more comparable to where your 7900GT was as far as performance for it's generation