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03-16-2010, 07:49 AM
Well after reading I have to say that is sad.
As a science I can solo the whole space area with no trouble.
Once inside my fleet clears this mission with no deaths and usually in an hour start to finish.
Just learn the pulls heres some advice
ALWAYS pull Patrols first when done right you NEVER get adds
Always get the closest Node down first and they can all be targeted from certain spots without agroing mobs so you can usually get it down by thew time a borg even turns to attack you.
Make sure you have Hypos to help with heals if needed.
Engineers having bunker kit helps to get to the boss.
Remember each node CAN be sinlge pulled. There is never a need to pull a whole room unless someone is dumb.
Once in the final fight
learn to jump and have weapons with knockback on them
one of two strategies work well on the final boss
stay close and work her down fast, everyone must use all the skills, debuffs and heals
or get by the door and make sure an engineer has weapons malfunction on her at all times that really makes her hit like a kitty cat.
here is a link for 2 vids of how we have done it.