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Originally Posted by wildfyre010 View Post
You will find that any MMO activity which does not offer substantive rewards is ignored by nearly the entire community. The whole reason that people play MMOs, and the reason they have become so popular, is that you get something back for the time you put in. MMOs work because players are willing to invest time (a lot more than they would in a single player game, generally) in order to harvest rewards from that invested time that give them an advantage when playing the game.

MMO players don't do things for free, for long. If you want them to PvP, you have no choice but to give them a reason (beyond 'it's fun') to do so.
In my example players can get some reward (as part of the Missions requiring killing enemy Captains or dying X numbert of times at the hand of an enemy Captain or killing turrets).

I know there are Klingon players that would love Bat'leth tournaments, with or without rewards.

I found that, in ********* anyway, a large number of people would play such a system for lttile/no reward. Clans organized competition events and individuals enjoyed playing something that allowed them to keep score of how many players they killed and how many points their team scored. Rewards were bragging rights and some recognition within the clan and for the clan among clans.

********* had three arenas - 1 on 1 duels; a 40 player last man standing cage match; and "Castle Wars" where opposing teams of 20 players each played a sort of capture the flag. In the 1 on 1Clans organized tournies with prizes and players could make individual wagers. In the last man standing 2 Clans would get a set number (usually 10-12 members) each and go at it until one Clan was left, then go within the clan to arrive at the last man. IIRC the last man did receive some token reward. In Castle Wars clans would play 3 to 5 rounds (20 minutes each) with best of 3 (or 5) winning. People would get really peeved when a 3rd clan would crash a scheduled event to spoil another clan's record. All three arenas had viewing areas.

In ********* PvP normally had a significant death penalty in lost equipment, and all three of the above were penalty free (except for consentual wagering). The opportunity for penalty free PvP may have been part of the draw.