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I've 3 RA5's (one of each) and all I can do are PuGs because my fleet's not into raiding, which is fine, I've had some really good PuG's, clearing the entire instance in just over 2 hours, often with only 1-2 deaths the entire time. However, I've run into some God-awful PuGs as well, with people who think they know what they're doing but have no clue and wipe the team intentionally because of their stupidity. The game mechanics of Infected are trivial to map, and once you've mapped them, the instance is trivial. For example:

1. Not all borg are attached to nodes. In the first room, that center group is attached to it's node, but the 2 roaming patrols on the right are not. If you step up, agro the patrol, and then also try to destroy the node, you have just agroed 2 groups unnecessarily (and if you stepped in far enough to get the node, you've agroed the 3rd). The patrol should be pulled back into the hall (You know, pulled? Like we've been doing in MMO's for the past 15 years?), around the corner and beat like a rented mule. Drop them, then long-shot pull the center group and, when they're near the hall, have someone who doesn't have agro step up and pop the node and JUST that node. Just because you can see a node does not mean you're fighting borg that are attached to it. There is absolutely no reason to die in the front halls. I've done it countless times with groups and not died once, it just takes a modicum of intelligence. The more borg you pull the more borg are beamed in, and soon you're facing 40+ borg, for no reason at all but stupidity.

2. If you're an engineer and aren't using fabrication and force domes, please delete your character and re-roll tactical. Seriously. If you're putting your turrets in the middle of the hall or room, in plain line site of the borg, delete your toon and go play checkers. Engineers are the crowd control of this zone. You bubble the door to lock them out and the tac and sci folks burn them down with aoe's. You put your terms to the sides of the door, or just around a corner, perhaps behind a cover shield, so the team gets benefit from them while the borg aren't 1 shotting them with orbital strikes. If you put them out in the middle you might as well just throw that kit away and make hypos for people, because that's hard to screw up.

3. If you're a science person trying to heal on any fight but the queen, you're in the wrong group. That's why Cryptic made hypos and batteries. Put on your Geo kit and help control the borg, you should only need to heal on the Queen. If anyone yells at you for not healing during the borg, tell them "then maybe you shouldn't have pulled 40, huh?" and put them on /ignore because they're an idiot. Again, been on all 3 classes in those halls and not needed a heal.

4. If you're a tactical and you're throwing grenades on the ledges are people are trying to jump, please just jump into the plasma and save us all the trouble. The #1 reason I see people missing jumps is because the entire ledge is covered in smoke, because some tactical didn't know what the heck he was doing. For the queen you should be using Squad Leader to give buffs to your team and heal them.

5. In space, please show some awareness of where you are and what you're doing. You don't NEED to agro all the trash, and it doesn't need to be killed. On my cruiser, I regularly snipe the tactical out from the pack and the group kills it without killing a single piece of trash. I regularly slip up to the gate, blow it down (often solo) without ever being shot by trash. It can be done, I do it in my sleep. I sit back amused while people are blown to pieces by the trash because they don't know what they're doing. Killing the trash is not an objective, it's an obstacle. That's like attacking the hurdle vs just going over it and going to the next one.

How to know if you have an idiot pug:
1. Are you still fighting at the first door on the starbase, even though you're fighting borg from the 2nd room?
2. Does your group ever say "Just let it reset" more than once:
3. Do you ever see > 20 Borg on the screen at the same time?
4. Do you seem to never have Eng terms up because they always get blown up quickly?
5. In space, to people seem to be dying a lot, leaving you there alone to deal with stuff as they fly back?
6. Do people say "I died, but I got the node?"

Flee this group. Pause to put them all on /ignore and flee them. You will be stuck in a 5 hour hellish nightmare of idiocy until you get to the queen and find out they can't jump, don't understand the mechanics, and leave you 1-2 manning the queen because they're all dead, then they'll still roll on the loot they "earned".

Leave the group in the first 15 min of it (no real loss), spin the wheel and try for a better Pug.