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03-16-2010, 08:56 AM
I'm really enjoying the game! I'm having a blast. I do agree though that ground combat does need a bit of a facelift. Personally, I think one of the better ideas to help out ground combat and missions that just require you to scan an object(s) and leave would be to add in some npc's, I, as well as everyone else as brought to attention the lack of any kind of fauna on the alien worlds. There should be some animals roaming arou d every single world that we travel to. Flying animals, crawling, slithering all of them. It wod add a much greater sense of wholeness and realism to the game if the existed. And maybe where there are colonies add more citizens, colonies should have a lot more than 12 people wandering around over a 20km radius. Another great thing would to be to add weather systems to planets aswell, it wouldn't be overly difficult to implement, isn't that what the "Genisis" engine is supposed to be doing?