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03-16-2010, 10:01 AM
Originally Posted by Phoenixace View Post
Great post! Tell it how it is....b/c it really IS that bad sometimes.

I think b/c of the Star Trek name, this is the first ever MMO a number of players have played (same ones that don't real the forums). So the ideas of pulling, crowd control, tanking (well tanking in STO is know), etc are foreign concepts to these new players. We all had to do this "learning" in MMOs as we played them but the issue with it in STO is that the learning BEGINS are RA5 as you can solo to that level pretty easily (even as a newb).
I'd like to think that, and I've met some really nice new people who openly admitted to not knowing, staying in the back and out of trouble, and I love teaching them the instance.

No, my problem is the idiots who swear they know the instance when they don't. For example, in the 2nd room there are 2 nodes, one in the middle and one right inside the door, to the left. Someone pulls the patrol (which can be done without agroing the next group, there is no co-agro), then reaches in to kill the inside node (because you have to, right?), which puts you close enough to agro the center group. You now have 3 groups on you, with tacticals popping protodrones. Or my favorite, engineers with good intentions running up and dropping terminals in the doorway, which instantly agros every borg in sight.

So how do you do it correctly, Mr Smartypants?
1. Set up in the middle of the prior room, WAY back from the doorway so splitbeams (*sigh*, really hate it when folks use split beams in crowded situations) don't accidentally grab borg.
2. Pull the patrol, on the right side. Kill them.
3. Have someone (ONE PERSON) climb up on the ledge so they can get LOS on the left door node and pop it to get attention, then run back.
4. Have someone who doesn't have agro from that pack kill the node while the rest kill the borg.
5. Have someone pop the node in the center of the room, pulling the borg from there
6. Have someone without agro pop that node.
7. Kill the patrol
8. Move to the next room without having to rez anyone or run back or reset or be chased back to the turret barricade.

Not Rocket Science.