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03-16-2010, 04:25 PM
Amen Friend. Before the Feb 19th patch ( and into open beta) every, graphics-wise was great; had all the settings on max. After the Feb 19th patch, everything tanks; went from space (and ground) at 50-60 FPS to 1-8 FPS and, at completely random intervals. The only way I was able to pretty mutch fix it was setting the "Hlaf Graphics" setting to "On". This should'nt be happening. I've tried changing all of the in-game settings and the out-of-game NVIDIA settings with no luck. If I were a betting man, I would place my bet on an environmental issue. Edit** my specs are: AMD 2.2Gh quad core, NVIDIA 9500 GTX, 3megs memory, 380 Gb hard Drive, DX 11, Sound Blaster XFi, Windows Vista 32 and an 800 watt power supply. I checked/to make sure all of the drivers are current which, they are. Dunno what else to do except wait for a patch! *edit* well went ahead and bit the bullet today and upgraded to a PNY GeForce GT240. After installing, I haven't had a single problem; even having been playing for 3 hours now.