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03-16-2010, 06:21 PM
Originally Posted by the_moshpit View Post
Without knowing if this is Nvidia specific or what, the game devs won't know where to start looking.

Since the OP was kind enough to mention his video card in use, we know that the Geforce 9400 is one of the affected video cards. I'm not affected by this bug, but am using an ATI card, so if the others who had posted had mentioned their card in use, we'd have a LOT better idea of where this problem originates.
ATI RADEON HD5770 (1024MB) aka. more then good enough :S

I noticed one thing. When i fly to a couple of ships in combat in a Borg DSE it looks like there are LOTS of Feedback pulse like thingys shooting into all directions from the ships im getting closer to.
When that happens fps can go down to 1 sometimes.
The fps go back up again, but not as much as usual.