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03-16-2010, 07:37 PM
PvP in STO will always be consensual.
Yeah when I read that I felt sick. They really need a neutral zone that factions can freely attack other factions... I mean that's how it is in the movies and tv shows right? Maybe what was meant is a warning that displays, "Warning you are entering the Neutral Zone and maybe attacked freely by other factions" before warping in?

But I doubt it... look at Deep Space Encounters... you get caught, you click warp out, and you are out. Only thing Deep Space Encounters do is catch people who put there ship on autopilot while they run to the restroom.

Edit: lol guess I should read more than 2 pages in

Originally Posted by Jackalope
Basically, it means that someone can't ever be attacked without somehow having agreed to it. So yes, we might do PvP zones...but you'll be notified while entering that the zone is open PvP. Believe me, I badly want open PvP zones.