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03-16-2010, 08:11 PM
Originally Posted by forgemccain View Post
"Arms are too short thing?"

Please to explain that one a bit, I'm 38 so I've got impending curiosity
Think Kirk in TWOK where he's trying to read a large bound version of Moby **** at arm's length. Then finally gives up and puts the glasses on.

I've worn glasses for about 45 years now, and my face would feel naked without them. Ended up in bifocals a few years ago, and that wasn't too bad. Except the phone book publishers, I guess to save paper, now print the phone book listings in about 4px font (and using a phone book is rather important for my job). Ended up haivng to break down and ask the boss to get a mognifying glass (which really makes things look funky through bifocals.)