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03-16-2010, 10:52 PM
Originally Posted by karek View Post
yes i am with you dude give us the real excalibur class!!

oh and on topic; please no federation carrier it doesn't make any sense for the federation even to have fighters....for an organisation that values sentient life above all else it makes no sense that they would send lone individuals out on suicide missions, as well as having a vessel that has no other purpose other than war.

people have to remember that this is star trek not battle star galactica, star wars or any other sci fi, it is trek and content should only be implemented within those confines.
Yes, because Battleships make so much more sense for an organization out for peace.

And since when is being in a snub fighter a suicide mission? Thanks to aircraft the hayday of battleships is over. And since your banging the canon bell, go look at the Star Trek game for the playstation. Seem to recall that being a game ONLY about fighters.