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03-17-2010, 08:38 AM
Yes, the files could be empty or may only contain a few lines. The files will only contain CHANGES from the default settings. So, if you don't change any mappings, the file will be empty. If you only changed, say the E key mapping, the file will only contain mapping for the one key, the E.

This, unfortunately, has the effect of NOT overwriting bindings you changed (at least it didn't in the past though I have not checked it recently). Lets say you exported a character that was all default except for the E key. Then you loaded a character that you accidentally modified the Q key on and then imported the key file. Only the E will change, the Q will still be modified. The only way I see around this is to set all bindings to default prior to importing. This has never been an issue for me as I usually use what I posted here on brand new characters for the purposes of keeping all my toons mapped the same as i create them. I have rarely needed to change the mappings much later.