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03-17-2010, 09:33 AM
Originally Posted by K-Tar
Since you are blind like a tiberian bat I don't think that my brother is in any danger.

Oh, yes you're destroying a few ships that stray into Klingon territory while we actively police Cardassian space and hunt them down. I have probably killed more Jem'hadar in hand to hand combat than you have on the ships you blew up.

I already have the permission, I'm a special envoy of the Federation, and I know best how to deal with J'mpok's lapdogs.

True Klingons? You're a bunch of paranoid pirates, every Klingon warrior of old would be ashamed that you call yourself a Klingon.

Starfleet didn't interfere. The Federation council expressed its unhappiness with your decision to attack, because they hoped for a more lasting alliance between the three powers. Well humans... But you attacked Federation space and broke the Khitomer accords, so shut up about being attacked without provocation. And I can guarantee you the only way you would ever land on Earth is crashing into an Ocean in a burning ship.

J'mpok is a dishonourable petaQ who's too good with a bat'leth. He has thrown the Empire in a senseless war while the Undine are laughing about him and the Borg are threatening the whole quadrant.
The Federation has no business dealing in Klingon affairs of state. We were recovering property that was taken away from us by the Romulans. Unless the Federation empire is somehow in league with the Romulans, then they should go back to meddling in the affairs of backwards pre-warp technology cultures and leave Klingon Controlled Sectors.

You are an ambassador for the Federation. Tell your superiors to leave what you consider to be the neutral zone. You have no business there!

The Undine.....those shapeshifting the federation. But be aware that they have a goal. Do you not remember the changelings who crafted a horrendous copy of our great leader Martok? Do you not think that the Undine will do the same with your federation?? Even now, they are probably taking positions of power within your entire network and you fools do not realize it.

We Klingons have seen this before, but the minds of Starfleet are those of a ghuH !!
When your Federation falls to the Undine, do not come crying to us like useless tera'ngan.

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