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03-17-2010, 11:19 AM
Well, in last december we where told that the Klingons were not going to be included at launch. But a few months later, we would.
Some developer made it his mission to give us the bear minimum for launch, and here it is.

We were then promised to be "fleshed out" and given "pve content" at the 45 day patch.
All MMO's have a 45 day patch. All games have that 45 patch a bit later. That is cool (except for *** which had the 45 day patch a year later).

I haven't tried tribble yet since I am still a Klingon Captain and have better things to do at the moment, but what I have read is that we aren't getting fleshed out at all in the big patch.

Now, you can take this two ways,
1) They haven't actually released all the fed PVE content yet on tribble or
2) There is more PVE content for klingons coming but not right now.

Either way, Cryptic hasn't said anything.
They talk about alot of specific things for Feds that are coming down the pipe, and vague Klingon stuff, but that is all.

No information is bad. Cryptic knows that. But they still won't give us any information.