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03-17-2010, 12:05 PM
I joined the Klingon Empire for two reasons:
PvP and cloak.
Although some added grind contedn would be nice, I don't need a joined trill to kill feds, pretty colors on my ship with different hulls or bright lights on my bridge and different uniforms, an addition to the content for some veriety would be nice.
I could definitely go for some sort of House building with a starbase or some other variation, conquer and hold a planet from the federation scum or something new, but right now, I am content.
I have rolled my third Klink (yeah I'm a slow learner) but still really enjoy the PvP that I was expecting from the start.
If I really wanted more PvE content, I would (ugh) roll a Fed and fly from planet to planet collecting "crafting junk" and scanning astroids and other such things.
Wow I just bored myself...sorry.
Some new stuff would be great...I do agree on the reduced sub...awesome idea, but for now, I'll log on for a bit and kill feds and log into another MMO and enjoy that, while waiting for more updates.