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03-17-2010, 11:42 AM
Originally Posted by sharperifle View Post
Well I actually I AM kinda interested in what you got from them for their reasons.

I mean was it just that they didn't like the game, didn't like it enough to pay a monthly fee, liked it but the next shiny came out, liked it but couldn't afford the monthly fee?

What was your age range too....was it mostly college kids early 20's?

Did you check to see what Trek they liked aside from just calling themselves Trekkies?

Hell I'd love to see your questionaire....I'm a prcedural geek in some ways....I read an article about how some kid got his school to buy bottled water through a science experiement for speech class....and I spent about three paragraphs ripping his protocols when everyone was praising his "science" skills.

But yeah in all seriousness we'd need to know a lot more than "all played then all quit" to really draw conclusions.

But then I guess thats what your paper is really for then isn't it?
The study was done before with Conan online.

Purpose: to determine what the expectations was going into the game at start, and then to see if the "software" failed to meet their expectations, or exceeded them, and how. It is a simple comparrison of before and after.... A look at expectations of a given peice of software... in this case a game, to see exactly what people expect and why, and why their expectations were met or not.

As I said, if you really want a list of the reasons they quit or copies of what we had them fill out, you can e mail me, I wont post them here for anymore b/s. I have had enough for one day