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03-17-2010, 12:08 PM
Originally Posted by Edgecase View Post
While I can empathize with your position that the KDF is getting second-rate treatment, I find the defeatist attitude of the vocal minority to be rather melodramatic. Did you really sign up to be a Klingon because you wanted pretty faces and extra races? Because you expected more to the "PvP-centric faction" than PvP?

From where I stand, the Klingon empire is delivering the content I want just fine. Short PvP queues, adequate character advancement, and access to major endgame content as is it released (currently STFs). I don't harbor any delusions that a company in triage mode ISN'T going to do what benefits the most players first. Do you have some odd sense of entitlement that leads you to believe otherwise?

PvP is the soul of the Klingon game. That Klingons receive equal access to major new PvE content (STFs at release) is simply a welcome bonus. As long as the PvP experience itself gets attention and upgrades in due time, and Klingon access to it remains adequate, I believe I will continue to find it sufficient. If it does not, I will adapt or depart.

When it comes down to it, you have the same options. If you really feel so compelled to make a big preachy deal of the issue, then at least have some concrete demands. What IS it that you want, specifically, that Cryptic can provide in a resource-efficient manner? If it is Klingon-specific, how would you justify the allocation of writers, designers, and coders to a project that only perhaps 15% of the playerbase will ever see?

Either way, enough with the sensationalism and whining. I've seen perfectly decent posts from several of you, so I know you're capable of making them. This pitiful cry for attention, however, is not one of them.
OK.. and don't view this as an attack, I am simply highlighting some topics.

Vocal minority. Made me chuckle, i remember being part of the vocal minority in SWG during the NGE disaster.. 5 years later, that game is still upside down. Guess the Vocal Minority, you know the 85% of the player population that left... enjoyed the change there.

how does that relate to STO? same principle, everyone knows those on the forums are not the total makeup of a games community, perhaps we are 'whining' because it's the only way to get attention? You know how the Fed's Whine about Klingon cloaks back in beta, and had a fairly high up dev roll a klingon to check the balance after a nerf came through. It was changed back, by the way.

Since it's concept, Klingons never wanted to be 'monsterplay' uh.. I mean PvP concept only. PvP advance only, fight other Klingons when the Fed's won't so we can advance, missions to advance via pvp...etc.

We wanted a immersive feel to our Star Trek universe as well, but Cryptic had a deadline, ok I get that. Cryptic had to ship 2 factions, ok I get that. Cryptic promised more content.. Ok we're waiting... Yet now the 45 day patch is here, and we get the Pakleds as a playable race for the Feds.. WTF??

Pakleds? does 15% of the community even know what species they were? Or that only 2 Pakleds were ever named, as they had 1 episode on TNG? Oh right they were background camera fodder on DS9..

I mean, Klingon's can't even see their BO's if we visit our bridge, WE can't customize our ships like the Fed's, We're asking for content and stuff to do.. but I guess the time is better spent making items for the C-store, right?

And don't kid yourself.. The 'short PvP que' is going to evaporate once Fed v Fed is introduced... Great the PvP faction has to play by it's self over in the corner.. Don't believe me? goto tribble.

As for what do we want? that's harder to clarify. Each player want's something specific to keep them hooked. I know what I want, but it will never come to STO. We asked for it back in pre-beta, but this is the direction they wen't and I have to accept that.

(In case you were wondering- I wanted to be a Ferengi blackmarket trader. The Nausicaan pirate. An Orion smuggler, independant faction type supplier of goods. going about, exploring new deals, staying below the radar of the local customs as I traded goods accross the war zone front lines... but that would require a player run economy, and a more suitable crafting implementation, and oh I don't know Social content... )

What I'd like to see is an abolishment of the current PvP que system. something that ranked 3rd to last in most liked, and 2nd in least liked. in favor of an established persistent Neutral zone. however, Cryptic adimantly says PvP will be concentual, as we don't want Negh'vars over Sol.

That's fine, I don't want to chase little nublets about the starter area, and a established persistent Neutral zone is Consentual. If you want to fight, you head to the war zone.. want to PvE, go mission..

Drop the current que for 4 zones, so when you enter one, your still in que for the others, and holding a spot.. allowing the 5 v 1 we constantly experience.

I think even the Fed's have shown the PvP is borked looking at the last poll results..

And as for your only 15% playerbase will experience comment... last week we were at 20%, A shame 25%of us all decided to quit while waiting for content.. At this rate, It will be a Fed only experience.. Hrmm.. maybe that's why they are implementing Fed v Fed..