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03-17-2010, 12:28 PM
Stop acting like you will never get content. you are going to get it, they have said several times now they are making it. The easy thing for them to do was make exploration content and fleet actions available first because they could do it in a matter of weeks. Additionally when i play the new content on tribble i enjoy it, Do you not know the thrill of a tribble hunt? you soon shall! It is a highly important mission to protect the empire from biological threats! Or to come to the aid of a noble Scoodian vessel under attack by rabid federation dogs! Or to thwart Federation grave robbers sifting through the remains of a klingon battlefield!
Meh, just copy/paste BS that doesn't even work 1/2 the freakin time. Scan doesn't scan crap (that means show you the closest object to kill), enemies spawn inside objects, party won't engage kill objects, missions will allow zone in and not actually spawn enemies at all, and do i even need to mention that KDF PvE NPC's are by FAR harder than Fed?

In other words, work harder for less reward.... hmm... oh wait, that's how it's been since beta, so why change it right?

Episode content will take TIME for them to make. It took them 2 years to make fed content that lasted the player base a month, so stomping your foot and telling them you want it now is not going to make it happen any faster. they are not actively persecuting or ignoring klingons.
Should have been done at the same time, but the lack of anything shows that it was first based on 1 faction MMO, and Kllingons were a complete afterthought, that they want players to believe otherwise.
Reality this way -->

If you want to be constructive and productive about this, come up with ideas for episodes and story lines. the feds gave suggestions for diplomacy missions, engineering type mini missions, and first contact missions. Why not have klingon Undine hunting missions, where you need to figure out who is the undine and who isnt. Why not have more focus on the war with the romulans, if you hurry up and conquer them the fedies will not have that pesky treaty to keep them from cloaking tech. Or perhaps you find a prewarp civilization and they are prime warriors, ready to join the empire even if they dont know it yet, so you must convince them and their defense forces with the edge of a bat'leth.
1. If I'm supposed to come up with content for a game, PAY ME!!! IT'S NOT MY JOB!!!
I pay them for a product, as a consumer, if I am also to help develop the product, I want to be either paid or it's free. That simple. I also want royalties. As for how each faction is acting and so on, seriously, the motivations, goals, actions, etc are so far off of Star Trek canon, it's laughable at best.

But to troll fed feedback forums complaining what they are getting instead of you is not going to help, if anything it will send you the way of the I Quit threads.
These players/members have been on the forums, but not to spew mindless hate, but convinces the SHEEP that what we're getting as Klingons is yellow snow, NO EAT!! However, it seems that some people are hell bent on being so deficient, that they'll accept whatever is put infront of them, and ask for more of the same.

Is this the promised content, NO
Is this a series of nerfbat swings to garner towards Feds, taking most of the advantage from klingons? YES
Is going to balance anything? NO
Is it catering to the idiots and morons whom can't seem to think for themselves, or even ask, " What could I have done differently, to produce a different outcome? " or how about asking, " Well, If I do X, he does Y, what's my next move? " YES, it is catering to them, and NO they NEVER ask that, 'cus it's much easier to scream " OP / UNFAIR " and have it nerfed so they don't have to.
(ya really don't wanna get me started on how crappy the balance is, especially when KEY aspects of the game aren't working seamlessly!!! ... torpedoes much? how about all the abilities, nope still broken)

So lets hear ideas!
We have ALL placed up ideas, pointed out oversights, asked the questions, but unless it's NERF KLINGON CLOAK, NERF FBP, NERF SNB, NERF NERF NERF, and MORE FED STUFF!!!
They don't listen.