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03-17-2010, 01:38 PM
Originally Posted by Arcian_Darkrobe View Post
Well, you seem to wanna be a Romulan, see how ya like it when they make that playable, and you get the same treatment. Truly, the whole, " It doesn't affect me, why should I care? " or " It benefits me but hurts the other guy " crap has got to GO!
I would be glad if I could play a Romulan, and upset if they were the same skeleton faction as the Klingons are now. I would not be crying murder if the romulans where too powerful in pvp at some aspects and were nerfed because of that.

From playing both Federation and Klingon Empire, I can safely say Klingons have the advantage in T5 PvP, mainly due to the carrier npc swarm and the crowd control options for Bird of Preys.

Why do Klingons have cloak other than it being canon?
They give up 1x bridge officer for it on ALL ships
Battle cloak yields slower weapon slot progression
Raptors and BoP are also -debuff, -buff, -hull, so that means any debuffs they use are lower, and buffs they use are lower, and it's easier to kill them.

So, where is the true advantage?
If you cannot see the advantage of cloak then I suggest you play a Federation character and fight a good Klingon premade. Andhonestly, 1 ability on tactical captains that prevents 1 ship from battlecloaking or running away + cloaking hardly makes cloak invalid.

There is none other dictation of the battle engagement time and place, and somewhat an escape.
If they didn't have this, Fed would be able to faceroll Klingons. Why do you think BO skills in Holodeck that show cloaked ships or disable the cloak are so powerful for Fed? ... I'll stop kicking the dead horse now... if people just opened their eyes and looked things, from other than their own narrow view, we'd be better off.
Dication of of time and place is one of the key important things in any battle, be it historical, contemporary or imaginative.