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03-17-2010, 02:12 PM
I would be glad if I could play a Romulan, and upset if they were the same skeleton faction as the Klingons are now. I would not be crying murder if the romulans where too powerful in pvp at some aspects and were nerfed because of that.
I wanted to be Romulans myself... but that's neither here nor there... sadly
If they were obviously more powerful, I would agree, but it's tactics, skill, and experience, as well as teamwork that's winning 90% of matches.

If you cannot see the advantage of cloak then I suggest you play a Federation character and fight a good Klingon premade. Andhonestly, 1 ability on tactical captains that prevents 1 ship from battlecloaking or running away + cloaking hardly makes cloak invalid.
I've said this many times before, maybe should state it again....
RA5x2, C6 all Fed toons, and I PvP with them. My Klingon is on Tribble, I redid my old one to my C6, cus of the lack of KDF content. What I'm saying is, stacking the deck vs an already abundant cache of cloak detection/cancel is getting out of hand. I'm not saying it makes it invalid, I'm saying it's getting freakin old.
There are over 11 BO/Capt skills alone, that can do this already. Why do we need another constant 360, 10km one? Tac/Escort can't kill a BoP before the 16sec cd is over? HIS PROB, learn to counter w/ other ways than PEW PEW PEW wash/rinse/repeat....

I REFUSE to suffer and bow down to someone's lack of ability, thought, or skill, especially when it's trying to be forced upon me, just to cater to some twit, whom only wants more buffs for them, and more nerfs for other guys. NO NO NO.. I've had enough over years of PvP in MMO's.

BTW, I know full well the potential of cloak, battle cloak, premades. It's not a new concept for me. Matter of fact, I was actually upset that space combat wasn't 360 degrees and 3D. (it negated a lot of moves, that helped make faster ships more of a threat, as well as negated the defensive abilities due to movement/turn/climb speeds)

Dication of of time and place is one of the key important things in any battle, be it historical, contemporary or imaginative.
I'm versed in military thinking, so again, it's nothing new. However, as has been proven in history, just being able to state when/where a battle takes place, doesn't mean you won. Alexander proved that definitively, as have other generals/leaders. It takes a host of things to be present before battle, happen during battle, and what is learned afterwards from the battle as a whole.

So.. if you want some proof to the pudding here ya go..
Questions to ask as a Klingon before battle..
1. What race?
2. What skill traits?
3. What profession? (for lack of better term to discern tac/sci/eng)
4. What ship?
5. What loadout? (weap/dish/con)
6. What officer skills?
7. How do I want to approach combat?
8. How will I do dmg?
9. How will I survive return fire?
10. Does all this mesh w/ tactics?
11. Do I have counters for X, Y, Z?
12. Am I doing a pre-made / pug?
13. Can I expect support?
14. What tactics are a unit are we using?

Must I go into depth, or do ya get the idea, that I know what I'm talkin about?
Do I even envision battles in my head, to perceive possible outcomes, counters, or approaches to a situation? Yes. You have to, if you want to always try to get better.