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03-17-2010, 03:10 PM
Originally Posted by Skapek-Skocap View Post
Its thought that you've had enough PvE with your Federation Character, and this is the opposite, centered around PvP and Killing.
The problem that I have with that is what we currently have now is not a pve faction and a pvp faction. We have a fully fleshed out faction that has access to all areas of the game, including Fed vs. Fed pvp with the new update. The other faction is only monster play. The current pvp set up does very little to attract that "hardcore" base, as most of them, I would imagine, want some kind of persistent pvp. I don't think I've even seen a "hardcore pvper" proclaim their love for only instanced pvp. If Cryptic was really serious about making the Klingons the pvp faction then they need to put in persistent pvp zones, where pvp happens without a queue and a loading screen into a closed off battleground.

The only thing that I see is that Cryptic panicked when February was getting near and they had no content for the Klingons. So the easiest thing to do, without a release delay, was label them as the pvp faction and put together a few battlegrounds.