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# 1 Dwindling results....
03-17-2010, 05:04 PM
I got to ask my fellow Klingon players if its not time for us to call the cryptic team on this total disrespect of the Klingon faction. I too had hopes for the 45 day patch that it would finally bring Klingons something good and for the developers to keep their word to give us more content.

In the "Whats Next" adress there are certain promises made:

Klingon Fleet Actions - Form up with your closest friends and do battle in large engagements.
Pretty much done with the raid episode. Still its only a mission but its a start.

A New Klingon Ship - You asked for it, we made it: A Tier 2 Klingon Battle Cruiser.
Yeah, thats coming in the 45 day patch.

Klingon Star Clusters - Seek out new life and civilizations ... and subjugate them! Additional PvE content for the Klingon faction.
MYSTERIOUSLY this has been forgotten, the very thing that Klingon has wanted, more PvE and more content...but its not even mentioned......

More IP Locations - Check out Rura Penthe and our whole solar system, from Mercury to Pluto.
Same thing here, not even mentioning of that, strange too...

So my question is this. does Cryptic really want to loose the playerbase that plays Klingon or do they have a beancounter sitting around and calculating that the Klingons playerbase tired of not having anything to do will roll a federation class character...?

In that case id call upon every Klingon player or who loves Klingons to rise up, send email to cryptic and tell them that your cancelling your subscription and that unless they fix Klingons they will loose you as a paying customer. If enough players did that then Cryptic would get their rear from the wagon and start shipping out Klingon stuff faster than you can say qaplah'

Question is, when is enough...? For me I was contemplating a lifetimetime membership, but really unsure since if its going to be Star Trek Federation Online I am not signing up for way.

Can you dig what im saying? Holla!!