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03-17-2010, 06:23 PM
Ridiculously overblown issue as I'm understanding it. The new stealth debuff does not prevent you from cloaking, it only makes detection easier, and going by the numbers I saw its half as effective as the sensor scan debuff, AND, this is the big and, you are already revealed before this debuff can even be applied.

Therefore its only a potential issue to BOPs who just have to retreat further to battle cloak, and whose previous foes were only science ships and science captains. Everyone else can cloak like normal, but may get seen earlier if the debuff is still running. Tactical team will remove the debuff. It affects nothing whatsoever if you never recloak, and does not do anything to reveal you before your initial attack.

The carrier thing is a known bug/exploit fix! Everyone should have known this was coming for a while now. If carriers suck, then now that the exploit is gone, you can get some actual "real world" testing done to see what needs to be improved rather than everyone skewing the results because they exploit a bug.