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03-17-2010, 06:43 PM
Why do so many people say moral instead of morale? I'm going to be chauvinist and blame it on Americans, always cutting letters out of words.

Now on topic, of course it's lacking by now it's pretty clear they don't give a ****, they couldn't have held off 1 species to give us joined trill finally? Couldn't of dropped an off duty outfit or two to give klingons some more stuff?

You people can say "it's only x past launch" but that isn't going to fly, we're paying for this shoddy stuff now, and the "it's beta/headstart/just launched/first month" excuse is way past it's sell-by date.

That they might even be considering working on a 3rd faction at this point is retarded and infuriating enough(I doubt this at it appears to be just rumour so far).