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03-17-2010, 08:15 PM
Too many kneejerk reactions to EVERYTHING.

"Oh noes, my EPS been nerfed!" - You now have to balence your playstyle with your choice with your engineering
consoles. 2 EPS consoles are more than enough to maintain the following:
Assault Cruiser: 3 Beam Arrays, 3 Turrets, Rapid Fire/Beam Overload
T5 Escort/Raptor: 1 Dual Beam Bank, 2 Dual Heavy Cannons, 2 Turrets, 1 Beam Array, Rapid Fire/Beam Overload spam
T5 Bird of Prey: 1 Dual Cannon/Dual Beam Bank, 2 Dual Heavy Cannons, 2 Turrets, Rapid Fire/Beam Overload spam
T5 Battlecruiser: Every possible weapon loadout
That's everything I've tested and still testing on Tribble. You just have to be smarter about when you drop out of Full Impulse.

"Oh noes, my cannons been nerfed!" - The power drain needed to be adjusted because it's broken on Holodeck. Currently, all cannons drain 5. On Tribble, Cannons, Dual Cannons, and Turrets drain 8, Dual Heavy Cannons drain 12, this brings them in line with all beams since they drain 10.

"Oh noes, my turrets been nerfed!" - Power drain is now 8, up from 6 on Holodeck. Considering the arc and Rapid Fire, this is fine. The drain is not nearly as bad as people say it is.

"Oh noes, my cloak been nerfed!" - Fire on my Mark provides a slight debuff to stealth, IT DOES NOT DISABLE CLOAK. THE ONLY WAY TO DISABLE CLOAK IS TO COMPLETELY DRAIN AUXILIARY POWER, COMPLETELY DRAIN. You can cure it with Tactical Team if you don't mind your other Teams being on cooldown. Cloak and Battle Cloak now carry a slight penalty to defense, this is to keep Birds of Prey in line with the new speed-based defense mechanics. Yes, now people will have a slight advantage if they ambush a cloaked ship that isn't moving. It's no different than the advantage a cloaked ship has with its ambush.

I have no comment regarding Carriers. I have always regarded them an easy target on my Starfleet character as long as the swarm doesn't get me and I do not use them on my KDF character.

What we need is less of this "OH NOES THE SKY IS FALLING" and more science. As in testing. We need more people on Tribble, KDF and Starfleet to test EVERYTHING. More people to provide feedback on EVERYTHING. There are no PvP matches at all, FvF, FvK, KvK, everything. There is a new ground map and I have seen ZERO feedback on it. There have been some changes to ground PvP and I have seen ZERO feedback on it. There is KDF PvE Genesis content that needs to be tested, just stuff like "This hole is too steep for my Bridge Officers to get out of" or "This objective spawned under the map", it's that easy.