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03-17-2010, 07:16 PM
Originally Posted by Great_Milenko
They haven't been able to subdue my need for ketracel-white completely, but they've engineered a substitute that will do the trick for now.
Nice bio. It's pretty interesting. Here's a couple of ideas:

If still you're hazy on the details of DS9's ending you could start it with the above (your coma, the ketracel-substitute) and then add that the substitute has affected your memory (and possibly other portions of your mind). You could even go full-on amnesiac and say that everything you know about the Dominion was told to you or you read from your ship's salvaged logs.

Originally Posted by Great_Milenko
He's off the White, likely by now (given the advanced intellect they have) figured out WHY the White was engineered and WHY the Founders addicted his race to it. The whole control angle. Since he's off the White, and he's had this revelation, There would be no reason FOR him to return to the Founders so they they can slave him to the White again. He's seen what the Founders really are.

Since the Founders have genetically altered the Jem Hadar to be absolutely loyal and to view them as gods you could add that the ketracel-substitute that you have become addicted to has changed your brain chemistry so that you're able to resist your genetically-programmed loyalty. Maybe that's why you didn't rush back through the wormhole once it reopened yet are still curious about your former masters.