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03-17-2010, 08:55 PM
Actually the change has little effect on Power Drain (depending on your power level) because its typically used in Bursts rather than sustained. Even then the effect isn't that bad,

Power refreshs as the weapon is on Cooldown and the power drain for cannons is only slightly higher than Beam per shot (10 energy for 4 shots with 4 second CD I believe versus 12 energy for 1 shot with 2 or 3 second CD on DHC's - Turrets / Single Cannons might be getting screwed if the power drain is the same as DC since all of those run on 2 sec CD's and probably need to be adjusted for :

DPS to Energy Drain modified by Weapon statistics
-Weapon effieciency [smaller weapons are generally more efficient but have reduce damage potential while bigger weapon have more damage potential but are less efficient]
-Mounting ineffiecency [turrets have more complex mounting/tracking systems that drain power based on the size/mass/stabiliisation requirements of the weapon to operate]).
(Force = Mass * Acceraleration application)
-Force = DPS
-Mass = Weapon stats (Mounting inefficiency factored into already otherwise same formula as this that affects base weapon Efficiency) * (effeciency: base weapon efficiency - power level inefficiency)
-Acceleration = Energy Drain/Energy Cycle Time(3 seconds default) * ((efficiency: base weapon effeciency - power level inefficiency)/Efficiency time unit-to-seconds conversion)

[My bad, This assumes Weapon is charged for full weapon cycle prior to firing and is designed to be consistent in performance for firing cycle not being powered raw]

Furthermore with no more Global cannon CD your DPS is getting a major boost just less sustainability and everyone is getting hit with that if the EPS nerf goes thru.