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03-18-2010, 12:24 AM
Originally Posted by FrostyJones View Post
Since you didn't answer the question, I'll just post everything.

Fore: 1 Dual Beam Bank, 1 Single Cannon, 1 Dual Heavy Cannon, 1 Torpedo
Aft: 3 Turrets, 1 Torpedo
Engineering Consoles: 1 RCS Mk X, 2 EPS Mk X, 1 Plasma Manifold (+6 Weapon Power)

Bird of Prey:
Fore: 1 Dual Cannon, 2 Dual Heavy Cannons, 1 Torpedo
Aft: 2 Turrets
Engineering Consoles: 2 EPS Mk X, 1 Plasma Manifold (+6 Weapon Power)

Fore: 1 Dual Beam Bank, 2 Dual Heavy Cannons, 1 Torpedo
Aft: 2 Turrets, 1 Beam Array
Engineering Consoles: 2 EPS Mk X

Of these ships, the one that uses the most power is the Raptor, which uses Beam Overload. Sustained fire, even WITH Beam Overload does not strain my weapon power.

So because I took the time to adapt to the metagame and win my battles before I fight them, that means I'm not a real Klingon? Interesting logic there, I'd figured that Sun Tzu and Kahless would be bros.
Frosty, do YOU want to refund my Marks of Honor for all the wasted DHCs and turrets I have?

The point of having several weapons to choose from was so that we could choose what we wanted to use. I chose high damage/very low firing arc for my front end weapons. If somebody is in front of the nose of my ship then I make them pay dearly, and if I can't get the nose of my ship on them, then I do. That was my choice. However, this huge ass nerf now takes choice away from the player. I'm in a BATTLE CRUISER, taking the risk of not having firing arcs in a fight, but now, our firepower is hugely reduced unless we just dump our bound, purple frigging Marks of Honor weapons into the nearest black hole, because the devs decide to nerf us into oblivion?

No damn cannon should ever use the power that a beam array uses, ever. The negative of having a 45 degree arc says it should be so, but NOW a dual heavy cannon has a worse power drain than any weapon in the game AND a the crappiest firing arc??? What's the damn point?

Yeah, again Cryptic, I want my Marks of Honor back. We should be able to turn in our now crappy weapons for a full refund of marks, so we can adapt to having the same crap the Federation does (except escorts, they're screwed too) but have worse hulls and shields. Thanks. Installing Age of Conan again real soon if some sanity isn't restored.