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03-18-2010, 02:57 AM
Yes, and that's just it.

Many games have a chance to draw their audience. a crap start, and shaky launch. Get a bad reputation, and people start bailing... Many games never recover.

Warhammer, ***, Vanguard, ****.. The list goes on an on.

SWG kinda proved 5 years ago that a games IP will not keep a fanbase when the gameplay suffers.

Sadly now with the console audience many MMO's have gathered, it's very ADD. Get a game, try it out, move on if it's not that great.

STO has it's fair share of issues, and a community desperately wanting things to improve so we can play a game in a universe we love..

Please Cryptic, don't make us realize our 15.00 a month is better spent elsewhere.

Alot of new Sci-Fi mmo's are comming. Gameplay and content is key.. not Pakleds, and false promises.