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# 11 Some thoughts
03-18-2010, 03:43 AM
TBH they seem to have added the Klingons on as an after thought.
They would have been better added as an expansion later with full PVE and PVP content sorted already.

Seems like this game was rushed out half finished and its suffered for its haste, alot and I mean alot of ppl have left already, the big question is; `Can Cryptic pull people back in with fresh content or are we looking at this nice game being burried within 6 months'? and possibly looking at a relaunch in a year or so when its been rehashed???

This is a sign of things to come in the gaming industry and I hope the designers and publishers take note that rushing to a deadline can be your downfall.

Don't get me wrong I love Star Trek and like STO alot, I joined with a couple of mates in OB and played till there was no content and my ship was kitted out, then made an alt and did the same, but I have hardly played this last few weeks, because the content now demands 5 players, I prefer to play with friends who I trust and I have known for years.

An idea might have been for Cryptic to allow us to have 2-5 players for these 5 man missions and allow us to fill in the empty spaces with our away teams, which makes more sense. As it is, if we continue to have 5 man minimum extra content missions I will join the line of ppl leaving. I dont fancy trying to eek my way through these missions with 3 random ppl some of which might need assistance when tying their shoe laces...