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03-18-2010, 04:23 AM
Originally Posted by Adrian_Rain
Yes, because Battleships make so much more sense for an organization out for peace.

And since when is being in a snub fighter a suicide mission? Thanks to aircraft the hayday of battleships is over. And since your banging the canon bell, go look at the Star Trek game for the playstation. Seem to recall that being a game ONLY about fighters.
you are right a pure battle ship is also out of line, i was merely exulting joy over the excalibur class.

i never stated that any game was canon or not, i stated that fighters does not make sense the way the star trek universe has been portrayed so far. the vast majority of the vessels shown are big ships with massive fire power. i have a hard time imagining what fighters can do that drones cant? most of the races in star trek conform to the large and powerful vessels, because star trek was meant to be the renaissance in space....

another reason not to have the carrier is that each faction needs to have something unique otherwise they simply become palette swaps of each other. if we are going to get something new then i would rather have a battleship instead of a carrier, because its something that the klingons dont have.

the two factions should be balanced put play differently, otherwise there is no point in rolling a new character for the opposing faction. or even having an opposing faction