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The following are some ideas for Cryptic to begin stemming the losses of further Klingon dedicated players.
1) Introduce a Game Title for all Klingon General level players. Reward their dedication to the Empire. This title should only be available to Generals who leveled before the next update of PvE content.
2) Include some special item for General players. A Bat'leth or other cool Klingon weapon or Costume change.
I'd love to see the long coats that are worn at the High Council made available to Generals.
3) Announce the intention for full Klingon Episodic content.
4) Annouce a purely Klingon update targetted for the next 2 months.
5) Annouce the intention and timeframe for the introduction of limited consentual PvP with territorial implications.
6) Announce a competition to write an Klingon Episode open to all Klingon Captains and above.
Do you have any other suggestions?