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03-18-2010, 09:29 AM
I like the game but lets call it for what it is.

Unfinished. The anger being directed at Cryptic in part comes from a company putting out a game, charging for the game software and charging a monthly fee for a game access for a product that is as buggy as left over brownie at a picnic ground. I have personally filed more bug tickets in this game than in all the games I have play tested and played combined. And that is a lot.

That being said the issues are the canned responses, expected but still annoying, and the general sense that the QA group does not have the resources or staffing to knock these things out. At the very least the existing bugs that have been reported since beta should be gone by now. Instead I see old missions that used to work that are now broken in addition to the ones I have already reported.

I have taken the time to go back and retry the quests later , sometimes weeks later, to see if they were fixed only to find they still have the exact same issue. So while I enjoy the Star Trek mythos I find myself heartbroken that the game we have been given falls so short of even its own expectations.