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03-18-2010, 09:43 AM
Originally Posted by Staran View Post
*** is alot different than STO. It could never had worked.
But, in STO, the Klingons were not suppose to be included at launch.
It was included because, supposedly, this one developer did his best to get at least the bear minumum in.
The fleshed out stuff was coming.
So, you guys really think that Cryptic is just going to drop the klingons from anymore development and bring in other factions, right?
This is what you guys think? Really?

Mind you, Cryptic hasn't told us anything concrete, but that doesn't mean they aren't doing anything. That would be a logical falacy.
They're not going to just drop the Klingons outright. No. I believe they're just going to do very, very little for the faction. You can tell who the devs listen to. You can tell where all the development attention is still going to (and it is NOT the Klingons). Every patch note, every interview, every preview, is bringing something new to the Federation. And the KDF is getting last month's scraps.

For the Klingons, who have such a pitifully small population in the game, to NOT garner all the attention until it is on par with the Federation, is ridiculous. The stuff on Tribble for the KDF should have been there at LAUNCH. The additions are all old scraps, while the Federation continues to get more and more.

The devs seem to forget that this is a multi-faction game, which is 2 at the moment, and supposedly have aspirations to bring in a 3rd down the road, which everyone thinks will be the Romulans. How do you think the Romulans will turn out if the Klingons are not on par with content / pvp / just THINGS TO DO, compared to the Federation? If the Klingons are still bare bones, do you honestly think the Romulans will be better off when they are introduced?