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03-18-2010, 09:50 AM
Originally Posted by Vuk View Post
Wow , what game were you following , they said from the outset this was going to be a two FULL faction game , with all the selling points. ( One could argue that they never said when ) It wasn't until last fall as the deadlines drew near that they began to hedge their bets an change the tune they were singing. This in effect is a single player game much like BF:BC 2 or CoD. they only difference is that the loading screens differ , if you're Klingon. At least with those other games I don't have a monthly waiting fee. Please prove to me where they said they weren't going to release Klingons ?
A year ago it was going to be a fed/kling on release. Last fall, when the deadline got closer, they said that it was only going to be fed. Last December they not only posted it on their front page, on the forumns BUT THEY MADE A VIDEO OF IT that they where going to release the klingons as basically an empty class at launch. If you don't remember or didn't read, that is fine. But it was clear as day to me.And before I buy anything, I read everything I can about it. But, for this, it had a video, man. The only thing more clearer would be a puppet show.

I am not going to prove it to you. I don't have access to the entire site because it is blocked at work.