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03-18-2010, 09:51 AM
Originally Posted by Majeef View Post
Klingons will never have as many options or as much content as Feds. Even if they started equal at release, Feds would be the larger faction, being more iconic. The only solution I can imagine, is to perhaps remove PvP experience from Feds. Thus accepting that the Klinks will be a smaller more hardcore PvPing faction.

Of course there also needs to be some kind of arena style ladder introduced. I would imagine it to be the main focus of most Klink players.
I'd be happy to see Klingons get HALF what the Feds get. But look at the 45-day update, not close to half. Feds getting off-duty clothes, Klingons had what, 1/5 of Fed clothing options?

What I'd like to see is Klingons getting the lions share of development and content until they are on a par with Federation. That's probably expecting too much, and I'd settle for "observably more" attention.

Maybe there are reasons why the Feds got three new playable species and Klingons got didly. Maybe Cryptic desperatly needs the income from C-store. Maybe those three species were already done at launch and scheduled for release at 45-days as padding to make Cryptic look like they've been working hard on new material.

But mostly I don't know what is behind Cryptic's tone deafness on Klingon concerns.
  • Cryptic doesn't see much near future revenue from Klingons?
  • They realize Klingons have been borked and are taking a looong view of "fixing" them?
  • They are responding to volume of messages, and the Feds will always have the most volume?
  • They don't understand Star Trek fans or STO players all that well?
  • They simply don't know how to do good PvP?

On PvP - make a sector, allow anyone in it (all tiers in the same area), let them PvP anyone from the other faction. Set up a mecahnism so that no more than twice as many players from one faction than the other enter. Put up a message: WARNING - THIS IS A PvP AREA. YOU MAY BE KILLED. IT IS YOUR CHOICE TO ENTER OR STAY OUT. NO WHINING!!!

Then make some dueling arenas
  • 1:1challenge area with consentual wagering between players
  • 40 player last man standing cage match
  • Team event arena (two 20-player teams)

Only rewards besides wagers are from the existing "kill X number of enemy captains" or "die Y number of times" missions. Those and bragging rights.

Fleets should be able to use these to stage competitions within Fleets and with other Fleets.