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03-18-2010, 10:03 AM
in the end, what they said was that klingon content would be "spartan". what we got wasn't "spartan", it was "broken". that's fine, it will take them some time to fix things like broken pvp vendors, which is apparently a very tricky technical issue because six weeks in they're still broken. and they'll also be adding more content, which will also take time. that's fine too.

but it's unreasonable to expect customers to pay $15 per month to sit and wait. on the fed side it's easy to say "just wait, more content is coming." feds can say that because they have plenty to do in the meantime. on the klingon side, there's little to do while waiting except unsubscribe and come back later (or roll a fed alt, which many of the klingons have done).

the problem is, it is comparatively rare for a person to come back to a game once they've left. so by the time that new klingon content arrives, there will be relatively few klingons still playing, and relatively few of the klingons who left will come back to try it out, because they will be playing something else instead.

as for myself, I've reduced my subscription from 3-month renewals to 1-month renewals, because the first month of gameplay convinced me that I am not the type of customer that Cryptic is trying very hard to keep. that's fine, they can't please everybody and it's a sound business decision to cater to the majority. I don't fault them for it, but in the long term there's no reason I should continue to pay for it, either.