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03-18-2010, 10:20 AM
***As our story continues, Sural and his sister are on their way to the Wizard...err...the Smuggler.***

Sural: I do believe he should be in the Cantina....He likes to hang out there....Let's start looking there...

Ari: OK. let's go.

Random Barker: Best goods on the planet: Come to 3434, 2233!!! We have all your needs!

Ari: That barker droid has been there for months....That vendor doesn't even exist anymore. Did you try to talk Kal into going with you?

Sural: Yeah...but she doesn't want to leave her droids...She's too wrapped up in them....Too bad...He'd make a great engineer where we are going.

****In the Cantina***

*Sural and Ari reach the bar. Sural waves the bartender over***

Sural: I'll have an Eyeblaster, and she will have a Starshine Surprise.

Bartender: Mmmph. 20 creds. *starts mixing the drinks*

Sural: Have you seen Captain Solo? I've got a proposition for him.

Bartender: He's in the back with that walking carpet of his....Promise me you won't shoot the place up...I just paid off the last repair job...*Hands Sural and Ari the drinks*

Sural: I promise...No guns...I'm not even carrying a blaster.

***they head to the back room and see the man and wall of fur.***

Sural: Captain. Excuse me, may I have a minute of your time?

Captain Solo looks up warily from his conversation with the Wookiee.

Sural: I have a proposition for you. We need to get somewhere, and you are our only hope of getting there. *hands him a datapad*

Captain Solo: *takes the datapad, and looks at it in disbelief* Are you serious? The last time I went there I almost lost the Falcon!

Chewbacca: Gororaawal!!

Captain Solo: I don't want to go near that place again....*looks back at the pad* Oh,...wait...HOW much? *shows the pad to his companion* Ok. You have a deal....but I warn you....First sign of trouble...I put you two in an escape pod and I am out of there.

Sural: I wouldn't ask you to get involved...I understand you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time the last time you were there...

Ari: When do we leave? I want off this sand pit as soon as possible....

Captain Solo: As soon as the money clears to my account....There...Chewie...Go pay off the tab and lets get moving....This is going to be a long trip.....and I have to recalibrate the hyper drive to those settings again. *turns to Sural and Ari* Docking Bay 14...we'll leave as soon as we get there....

*They head on out of the cantina, as Chewie catches up to them.*

****To be continued.