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03-18-2010, 12:02 PM
Originally Posted by Spockdawg View Post
Hi.I'm trying to be a Klingon as well,I'm only a ltc an was wondering if i've done something wrong..I just get mini-map
plays and no real missions as yet.Does this change as we get more promotions ?
or is this why not many klingons as you say?
this is the way it is pretty much until you reach brigadier general. there's pvp which appears to be the primary way to level, there's one space pve map (empire defense) that you do over and over (the only difference as you level is the opponent: federation, romulan, cardassian, borg) and one ground pve map (mining planet) but that one stops letting you in after a while.

once you reach tier 5 (BG, aka RA) there will be some additional pve options, but they won't be klingon-specific, they're just the same missions that feds get but playable on the klingon side also.