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03-18-2010, 11:11 AM
I doubt you'll get any answer with timeframes. priorities shift, things come up, and anytime a dev makes a guess at a time, it seems like a dozen idiots take it as a promise and come to the forums to complain bitterly if the date is missed or rescheduled, threaten to call the BBB, the attorney general, etc. etc.

that said, you can find out what's being worked on in the Engineering Reports forum. here's a link to the latest post:

notable Klingon-related changes:
iPvP Assault Map fixes
Klingon Carriers
Klingon Joined Trill

only the third item is really klingon-specific (the first one is for both feds and klingons, and the second one is mostly for the benefit of feds since it's a nerf to klingons).