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03-18-2010, 11:26 AM
I wouldn't even think about the GTX260 nowadays unless it's purely because you cannot afford a Radeon 5870 which blows all single chip Nvidia cards on the market right now out of the water. A Radeon 5970 dual chip card will eat a GTX295 dual chip card for breakfast as well.

OR, If you MUST have an Nvidia card, have your credit card handy for the upcoming launch of Geforce GTX470 and 480. Otherwise known as Fermi, these cards will command an average 10% faster performance over the Radeon series, but is well over 6 months later to the Dx11 party, but showing up fasionably late, not TOO late, shall we say :p

10% is an average estimate based on early leaked info available on various hardware sites. In some case Fermi could perform significantly better then 10% faster and in other cases it will be significantly less, hence the average of 10%. Cost premium over Radeon may reflect said 10% or more though, $499 for GTX480 is the current leaked price rumor. All above info based on current rumors but should be fairly close.