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03-18-2010, 01:26 PM
Hey maybe Pakleds are the answer..

We fix Klingons Gooodd. We make fast.

Seriously. The biggest problem we have is Klingon players can't say anything anymore without the overwhelming number of Fed's pouncing on our 'QQ Whining'. I really hope they save some of that attitude, and kleenex for the flood of Fed content cries about to be unleashed with Fed v Fed

We know the Klingon PvP only model was a unsucsessful concept. One pushed out due to Cryptic having to ship, or loose the rights. Still when they start talking about off duty clothing, and C-store races, and a third faction for July rather than focusing on exsisting isues....

I dunno. The sky may not be falling, but at the same time ya can only whizz on someone for so long an call it rain...