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03-18-2010, 12:30 PM
Originally Posted by Reaper11188
-----QA most often, will not get the final say as to when something is released and in what state.----

That bit right there is the main flaw with most MMO developers/ the MMO world, the tail wags the dog, and you get unpolished games thrown over the wall...QA should be there as a gatkeeper, otherwise, spend your money something else.
This is not an issue specific to MMO, or even the GAMING industry.

In fact, it isn't even a software specific issue (though it is obviously most prevalent in software)

Software will always have bugs. If someone has told you differently.... they are wrong.

That said, the best way to get any issue resolved is just to report it in game and give them as much information as possible. I work in software myself, have done QA and now work in development. When I get tickets with tons of relevant information... I can resolve them much more quickly than when I need to attempt to figure out what the actual issue being reported is.