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03-18-2010, 01:52 PM
Originally Posted by Corban_Lewis
Oh go ahead. Why would anyone be offended or feel like their toes were stepped on. Let them be offened then. LOSERS! GET A LIFE!!!

Sorry..I get annoyed at people who get annoyed by such silly things as where this thread should be and "Oh, why don't you post your story somewhere else more appropriate!".

Here's a thought! Why don't you just gouge your eyes out. Then you won't have to read the story, then post a complaint about it, since you can't seem to choose which threads you're going to read.

*Slaps himself ending the ramble rant*
Normally I agree with you..but when you step on the toes of two of the biggest franchises out there....they tend to bring armies of Lawyers....which I have no defense against.