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03-18-2010, 01:12 PM
Originally Posted by Vuk View Post
This post is the most laughable item on the boards today , so far the day is still young. Decent PvE is the funniest statement to lead with . Please , copy and pasting the most assinine aspects of Federation PvE into Klingons and calling it decent is pathetic. So instead of grinding a nebulla repeatedly I get to grind this crap ? I'd suggest you stay over on the Fed side until some real PvE comes .
Seriously, How many MMO's have you played straight out of Beta? Do you not understand they are STILL WORKING ON PvE FOR BOTH SIDES!

The Klingon was barely "Finished" when it was released from Beta.

I think your the kind of person that plays a game for three months, whines about a little thing going wrong, and has a huge dramatic exit.

How many times do people and even the Devs have to say it... We just pasted the 30 day point. That means they got out SOME of the bugs, and the game is working. To have a full story line of quests for Federation is rare at this state in the game...

The Klingon side is coming.., You cannot expect these people to work 24 hours a day on this, so you wont whine about it on the forums...