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03-18-2010, 03:44 PM
Originally Posted by Staran View Post
I cannot beleive you have been here longer than me because if so, you would remember last fall cryptic saying that they where NOT GOING TO INCLUDE KLINGONS ON RELEASE. A month later they said they woudl release them with the bear minimum. And what do we have? The bear minimum.

You have no right to be shocked at this. I...I can't accept it.

Do you go to a dentist and say "I had no idea you where going to check out my teeth. You should have told me" or "What? This car I am willing to buy is going to cost X amount? It is the same amount as the sticker price!".

Please, explain why you expect more than was promised.
He doesn't understand that creating a faction is difficult, and that Klingons will receive more in future updates.

He wants to be dramatic and pretend the sky is falling... He'll quit, join in 2 months after the Klingon updates have come.

I wouldn't try and convince him, the lack of intellegence is getting in the way at this point.