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03-18-2010, 07:09 PM
Originally Posted by STObee
You missed the wink emotes?

Of course I don't expect Cryptic to drop everything and work solely on Klingon stuff. But it would be nice if they made a good faith effort and put more time and other resources into Klingon stuff than Fed stuff until there is robust Klingon content (more menaingful PvP and more PvE). If the federation is going to continue to receive more resources and higher priorities than the Klingon faction be honest and TELL US so we can make informed decision. If Klingons are going to get priority and more resources than the Federation TELL US. If you really don't plan/prioritize that way TELL US.

Episodic missions are going to take time, lots of time. Is anyone at Cryptic actually working on Klingon episodic missions? It would be nice to know if they are or are not. THAT is what I mean by a good faith effort.

PvP is not nearly what it could or should be. Many ideas have been proposed. What's the status? What vision does Cryptic have for PvP? Is what we have the vision? TALK TO US in a meaningful way, not like the last "Klingon Ask Cryptic".

Cryptic seems to want players to jump thru bureaucratic hoops to communicate with them, with no assurance there is anyone on the other end listening.

Why not create faction panels made up of player-volunteers to help with commnications? A Klingon High Counsel and a Federation Starfleet Command that can speak with some authority. Before tey get too far down the road with the next faction give them a panel as well. Let the players elect these panels from candidates screened by Cryptic, that way both he company and the CUSTOMERS have some say in the matter.

I admit, I didn't pay much attention to the winks. There are so many players on the forums that actually think that stuff that it felt natural that it was truth. So, sorry :p

Cryptic has said they would like some open PvP, but I don't think it is in an important news post, just a random Dev comment here on the forums. So I think it will come in time, we just have to make the threads and work out what we want....they will read, even if they don't comment. Trust me.

Panels would be nice, but I think they get the info they want/need from the forums already. Seems like a panel like that, while nice, would just be somewhat redundant and a bit of a waste of time. It probably would go a ways in calming the nerves of the players though.