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03-19-2010, 05:52 AM
I'd like to get the Joined Trill Cryptic promised and I paid for.

There are many "human" looking aliens.

Would actual human species Klingon faction players bother me? No, they represent the mercenaries, mentally unbalanced, sociopathic side of the Federation. Those that are opposed to the giant Nanny that is the Federation or out to make a fast credit. I'd expect more Ferengi mercenaries than humans.

Would I trust them as a role player - of course not. Neither should the Feds trust all those traitorous Federation faction Klingon wipers of other species bottoms. I've been tempted to role up a Klingon spy on the Fed side, but it's too much trouble to level another Fed alt. The PvE story line wasn't THAT interesting.