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03-19-2010, 05:32 AM
Originally Posted by Skapek-Skocap View Post
Try telling that to the dramatic cry babies we have infested in this forum...

The game is out 30 days and there are people whining about lack of content on a faction that was barely finished by launch.

I hate to see, when/if things get bad in the future...
Fed trolls, dontcha love'em?

"Barely finished" or "clearly unfinished"? Google the independent reviews of STO - "Gene Roddenberry spining in his grave" etc.

Wouldn't be so bad if the monthly fee was pro-rated for amount of content received. Charge $5/month to play Klingons and CUSTOMERS might accept their 3rd class status as a monster faction. If we're paying for full rate and getting 3rd, with nothing but a continuation of Fedcentric updates, then expect the complaints to continue. Either live with the LEGITIMATE complaints or stay on the Federation forums.

I'm glad to see Cryptic devoting some resources to Klingon episodic missions. That's GREAT NEWS! The proof will be in the pudding. If the "season 2 uipdate" comes with more Klingon content than Federation content I will be both impressed and surprised. If it arrives with more Federation content than Klingon content it will be a disappointment. In any event I expect to be watching developments from the sideline.