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03-19-2010, 06:57 AM
I think I've read that sensor akills don't affect MES anymore instead the AUX skills do. (push 'P' and it should be written in the text of MES)

Also I've tried the effet of AUX power to MES I, I think the difference from min AUX to 100+ AUX were < 10 Points.

My pesonal oppinion:
I think the Federation should not have any kind of battle cloak ore something similar to flee a battle, but the Federation should have some kind of hiding and exploration cloak usable in PvP like MES was thought.

The strength should be 10-30% worse than the klingons and skale well with appropriated skills that Fed players are able to 'sneak' to soemthing like 5-8 km near the enemy when they have MES III, max AUX and some additianal skills. MES II should be something around 10-12 km and MES I something around 15-20 km depending on the AUX Power.
This will give the Federation players a maintainable cloaking ability worse than the klingons but interesting enough to be a useable tactical possibilty. Because cloak detection depends on skills and ships to, some klingons may use sensor consoles to detect cloaked fed ships. (But fed cloak should not be that strong to force them to use more than 1)

Real cloaking should stay a skill for klingons and romulans as it is one of their deepest and typical behaviour in fights. Some weaker (and still useable) pseudo cloaking should be possible for everyone.